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“He is a unique trainer that will not stop until you achieve your goals. ”


After a year with no progress at all regarding gym training I have gained a lot. I have gained confidence, understanding, knowledge and how to achieve my goals. This all because of the Tee-Minator.  Giving me real expectations, explanations on how to achieve my goals, supplement recommendations, gym diet and an exercise plan gave me confidence and maturity in the subject of my training.  The Tee-Minator watching and analysing me at all my previous attempts at gaining weight/muscle gave me knowledge on why I haven’t achieved it and what is wrong.

The assessments gave me information on my body. The Tee-Minator thoroughly assessed me and identified the positives and negatives within hours. Including the MATRIX DNAFIT test. The Tee-Minator ensured that I should get this DNA test for my gym purposes. He explained why its necessary after analysing my body thoroughly which helped him identify the problems. The DNA test was a food intolerance test. This identified all the food that my body needs in order to gain weight and the foods that aren’t good for gaining weight. Tee quickly used the results to create the ultimate diet for my body. After creating a diet he recommended supplements for me in order to aid my progress. He then put me straight into the highly regimented workout routine. Along with this routine I was always being taken care of regarding my body’s healing rate and injury vulnerability. Tee gave me full information and advice constantly. I quickly adapted and any changes that I encountered were resolved with quickly. I was given a workout routine that was suitable for my college timetable.  He understood my timing and gave me a plan that I could work through that wouldn’t limit my progress at all.

Throughout this road so far I’ve had funny moments. Always being outsmarted by his knowledge in personal training and proven right from wrong no matter what the subject. Not understanding certain areas and being taught through in a humorous way always makes me laugh.

I would not recommend any personal trainer except Terence. He is a unique trainer that will not stop until you achieve your goals. He is passionate about what he does and put his all into it. The training is always regimented and suitable for you. The costs are more than manageable. Depending on you he will make any payment methods suitable for you. Tee will always be there to support through your road to glory. Compared to any other PT that would give you a brief meeting, a gym plan and a diet within 30 minutes that would not lead anywhere. Tee will assess you, give you and recommend you supplements, make sure you understand the point of progress, offer you a MATRIX DNAFIT test, give you a workout plan and keep you on track. He is a unique coach.

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Noah Mehari
Retail/Student – South London