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How We Can Help

Help I have pain, aches and stiffness​

  • Is your Weight going up, as can’t be as active as you would like to be?
  • Wish to be rid of Stiffness in Back and in other muscles?
  • Is your job causing you headaches and back pain from sitting or bending?
  • Can’t get comfy in a chair and unable to sit for long periods?
  • Suffering from pain in your back, hips and have done for a while?
  • Had an Accident or Injury in the past couple of weeks or months?
  • Fed Up taking pain killers, GP not very helpful?
  • Would you love to treat yourself and have time to stop and relax?
  • Current posture and movement become your normal, when it could be better?
  • Do you won’t to feel more Flexible and be able to move easily without restrictions?

I feel tired, sluggish, lack energy & worry
it might be what I am or not eating causing an issue.​

  • Seems like not matter what you eat the bloating just won’t quit?
  • Headaches running too regular and intense locking you in a constant fog?
  • Trying to manage your weight and think inflammation may be holding you back?
  • Fed up with poor immune system and looking for a missing piece to the puzzle of your own health?
  • Stomach cramping up after having a meal?
  • Having to cut off from being social life due to bouts of loose No.2’s and suffering in silence.
  • Not being regular causing you discomfort and concerns?
  • Think you eat healthy and got good habits, yet still find yourself fatigued?
  • Having skin reactions that you just can’t pin down the cause(s)?
  • Always feeling lethargy and tiredness and depending on unhealthy pick me ups for energy?

I am active person who wants to keep moving
and doing sport and hobbies

  • Got a personal goal you want help and support to achieve?
  • Like to feel stronger, less tired and recover quicker?
  • Would you love to start doing hobbies again that aches have stopped you?
  • Tried Massage, Physio Chiropractor before but not sure if it helps?
  • Do you use a foam roller and do stretching but still seem to have tight muscles?
  • Looking for an alternative to gym or classes were you can get REALLY focussed on your needs?
  • Want to feel confident your body is Strong and Healthy?
  • Would you like to learn how to stretch and manage your body more effectively at home?
  • Would be like to do your hobbies more often be finding to all too much?
  • Suffering with pulled or tight muscles, finding it hard to recover from Sports Training?

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